Top 6 Tools for a Newbie in Freelance Writing

Do you want to become a freelance writer? That’s great! Some people write as a passion and also make good money. If you have finally decided to start writing and want the business to be profitable, we have some useful tools.

You will require more than just a laptop and notepads for this business. We will be looking at the six tools essential for starting and getting a client in this business.

Six Tools Every Newbie in Freelance Writing Should know

Here is the list of the six major tools every freelance writer should know and make use of. This tools can help you, start of your online writing career, improve your writing skills greatly and hence create a great online reputation.

  1. A Service-Based website

    For you to land a freelance job, you need a website. It has to be a service-based website. A good site can help to get a high paying freelance writing job. A website is an excellent investment for your business. If you can't build a professional website, you can check out some online courses that will help you, or you can get someone to build it for less than $100.

  2. Grammarly

    Most new writers are curious to know if they would need an editing tool. Of course, you would require an editing tool. You can make use of Grammarly. You should use the desktop version to see your errors and suggestions. The chrome extension for Grammarly is straightforward to use while you are online. You should check out their packages. It could be a great way to save for your business.

  3. Contena

    This online platform is a freelance job board that provides jobs from all over the world. It is one of the fastest ways to get good freelance work. You can filter your results on Contena to find your type of job. Most of the posts are of good quality, and they pay well. You can pay for Contena after one or two jobs on the platform.

  4. PicMonkey

    This tool aids image editing for graphics. Some clients would require a graphics feature, or you could offer that service to your clients if you know how to edit. PicMonkey is very easy to use, and you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. You pick the template you want to use once you sign up.

  5. ConvertKit

    Lots of bloggers use this email service provider. As a freelance writer, you can have an email list that helps you find more clients or connect with other freelance writers. ConvertKit is very simple to use, and it is specially made for bloggers.

  6. Google Drive

    This tool is a free storage system that helps synchronize all your apps, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Although some clients may have their preferences, you can make use of Google drive for most. You can easily share and get a quick response using this tool.

If you are new to the freelance business, these tools will help you make headway. You may not require all at once, but you must have a good website, Google Drive, and Grammarly. You can get the rest once you start getting clients.