How to Find Well-Paid Writing Jobs Online

Have you been in search of freelance writing jobs on general sites? The chances are that you want to give up already. You might find it hard to get one, or the ones you find only pay merger fees. You are not alone in this struggle.

A lot of writers face the same challenge as well. However, remember that there are excellent freelance writing jobs out there. The key to getting any of these legal writing jobs is to know how to find them.

If you think lucrative freelance writing jobs are like chasing chaffs in the wind, we are glad to tell you it is not. We also plan to show you how to get such a job. Check out the process below.

How Pro-writers Are Getting Jobs

If you wonder how professional writers get high paying jobs, it hangs on two things. These two things include:

  • A Change of Mindset

    Generally speaking, we are a product of our thoughts. If you have it at the back of your mind and believe strongly that lucrative paying jobs exist, this mindset pushes you to continue until you find them.

    On the other hand, if you buy into the wrong mindset, the belief that writing job offers are worth only about $10, you won't earn much. It is, therefore, best that you do away with such a mindset.

  • Looking in the Wrong Places

    If all you've found are low paying writing jobs, then the chances are that you have been looking in the wrong place. Learn where and how to search for the kind of clients that will help you earn lucratively.

How to Find Lucrative Writing Jobs

Find three tips on where and how you can find better-paying writing jobs below:

  1. Avoid looking at General Places

    You're probably checking general places like Craigslist for job opportunities, but that's where everyone is searching. You need to start avoiding such public places. Instead, pay attention to areas not congested with writers.

    For example, Gorkana alerts can be of help for writing related to business-finance, marketing, healthcare, media, etc. Professional websites, industry-trade publications, TV networks, etc. are also great places to look.

  2. Ask Around

    Attend local writing events because other writers in your local area are the best source of information. It is at such local events that important information gets around. Other writers will point you, intentionally or unintentionally, in the right direction. Therefore, you would have saved yourself the time used for searching.

  3. Think Bigger

    Most well-paying writing jobs don't get advertised. You need to be able to tap into the pool of hidden demand for writers. Do your research and find out prospective clients that can pay well. A good sign that a prospect will pay well is that the organization can afford the price. Startups don't usually have enough money to throw around, but established wealthy organizations won't mind paying well. How do you identify such?

    • Target high-paying publications
    • Send your pitch to profitable companies
    • Focus on established companies that sell goods and services

The first step to landing well-paid writing jobs is to change your mindset. Believe that there are such jobs and plan on how to get them. Begin to look in the right places and build connections, with other writers, for first-hand information.